Galileo - Available Now: KDS Portal Release V11.3


Overview PA 1218 - version 01

What’s New in 11.3?

  • Search By Company Site - Company sites can be used to ease the search process for flights, trains, hotels and car reservations.
  • Optional Display of Fare Change and Refund Conditions this will display a summary of fare change and refunds conditions in Galileo Portal.
  • Choose your Supervisor – Ability to select a supervisor from a list who will approve your trip.
  • Revamped Emails – Default Emails have been re-designed
  • Transportation Transaction Fees – Travel agency fees can be shown for each type of travel service.
  • Monitoring Parameters – Allows you to monitor cheapest fares for transportation searches.
  • Conditional Restart Validation Cycle
  • Symmetric Fares in Display – Unique ability to combine different fares outbound and return, in this new release it improves the user experience for comparing and selecting fares.
  • Seating Option for Eurostar – Galileo portal now takes into consideration seating preferences which are in the profile.
  • Car Rental Services- Configurable setting to show on request cars.

Traveller Tracking Map. Find on a map where your employees are traveling today or what their travel plans are for the coming days.

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