Worldspan - Single Pricing: Confirmed load dates! Fare Display Rules Unavailable Indicator


Overview PA 1212 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 13-Jul-11
Reason For Issuing version 02: Confirmed load dates

ATPCO and SITA Automated Rules Record1 and Record 3 contain an “Unavailable Data” field which an airline supplier can populate with ‘X’ (there are other options, including ‘blank’), which defines the data in the record as unavailable. When ‘X’ is present in this field, the associated fare is unavailable for pricing. In a fare display, this is represented by a hypen (‘-‘) in the Advance Purchase, Minimum Stay, and Maximum Stay fields.

As a hypen can also signify that there is simply no restriction filed for a particular category, a new, unique symbol, two at signs (‘@@’), will be returned to signify that a restriction was filed but the data was tagged as unavailable. It will also be returned when a Record 1 is missing entirely. The at (‘@@’) signs will differentiate unavailable fares from fares that simply have no restriction in one or more categories.

Fares with unavailable data (i.e., the “unavailable data” field in the associated Record 1 or Record 3(s) is populated with ‘X’) or missing data (the Record 1 is absent) will continue to be displayed with an asterisk (‘*’) immediately preceding the Fare Basis Code.

Customer Benefit

From the initial fare display, customers will be able to tell whether Advance Purchase, Minimum Stay, and Maximum Stay data is not absent, or present but tagged as unavailable.

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