Worldspan - Single Pricing: Revised sunset! Discontinue Power Flight Search Processing


Overview PA 1217 - version 03

Issue History: Version 01 - 19/07/2011; Version 02 – Issued 22-Aug-11
Reason For Version 03: To advise of new sunset date of 04-Oct-11

Power Flight Search is a low fare search tool that identifies availability based on fares filed for a given city pair (origin-destination). The process begins with a fares (4F) display entry. Once qualifying fares are displayed, the customer can select a fare with the Power Flight Search ($P.) entry. From that point a fare is selected and a Power Flight Search is displayed indicating the available outbound and/or return dates based on the rules from the chosen fare.

The response is returned in a Power Shopper type format offering the customer the ability to view rules and book a selected alternate. The redisplay line echoes back the exact Power Flight Search entry entered.

This product will no longer be available through any access/platform, i.e. discontinued in terminal emulation as well as structured data products such as SMI, DIR and XMLPro.

It is recommended that other shopping products be used, such as Power Shopper, Power Pricing and Flex Pricing.

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