Galileo - REMINDER! Remove Segment Association on SSR DOC items


Overview PA 1169 - version 09

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 22-Apr-11; Version 02 – Issued 29-Apr-11; Version 03 – Issued 27-Jun-11; Version 04 – Issued 18-Jul-11; Version 05 – Issued 28-Jul-11; Version 06 - Issued 19-Sep-11; Version 07 – Issued 10-Oct-11; Version 08 - Issued 31-Oct-11
Reason For Issuing version 09: This is to advise that activation will take place on 14 February 2012 for the Galileo system.

This enhancement will modify SSR DOC (DOCA, DOCO or DOCS) processes that automatically create an SSR item for each passenger name and each segment in a PNR/Booking File. This change will allow Apollo and Galileo SSR DOC items to be name related, instead of name and segment related.

Additionally, Apollo and Galileo will begin treating new SSR DOC items as non-automated (Manual) SSRs by no longer allowing specific flight/segment details (e.g. flight, date, origin and destination) in an SSR DOC entry.

Changing the Apollo and Galileo systems to non-automated SSRs for SSR DOC types will provide consistency whereas all three Travelport systems will now offer the same functionality under the Travelport GDS umbrella. Additionally, all three systems under the Travelport GDS umbrella will now provide competitive functionality when compared to other GDSs.

Customer Benefit

  • This effort will significantly reduce the number of SSRs within the PNR for our Apollo and Galileo customers.
  • SSR DOCs will remain in the PNR until manually cancelled unless a name is changed or deleted. Once in production, PNRs containing new SSR DOCs will no longer automatically be removed when an itinerary segment is cancelled/modify by the agency and/or modified by the airline
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