Worldspan - New load date (Nov 2)! Baggage Allowance Enhancements


Overview PA 1152 - version 13

Issue History:
Version 01 – Issued 07-Mar-11; Version 02 – Issued 15-Mar-11; Version 03 – Issued 23-May-11; Version 04 – Issued 30-May-11; Version 05 – Issued 06-Jun-11; Version 06 – Issued 13-Jun-11; Version 07 – Issued 27-Jun-11; Version 08 - Issued 14 July-11; Version 09 - Issued 26-Jul-11; Version 10 – Issued 01-Aug-11; Version 11 – Issued 05-Sep-11; Version 12 - Issued 12-Sep-11

Reason For Issue version 13: New Online Production load date for Worldspan - 02-Nov-11 at 00:01 EDT

IATA (International Air Transport Association) Resolution 302 along with the associated DoT (US Department of Transportation) Reservation establishes new rules for carrier selection for determination of baggage allowance and excess baggage charges, effective 01 April 2011. Incorporated with the new IATA Resolution 302/DoT Reservation definitions, Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) has been established as the “industry designated” distributor of baggage allowance and baggage charges data. Currently carriers use a similar method to file and distribute their fare data through ATPCO, now carriers will file and distribute their baggage allowance and excess baggage charges with ATPCO.

Travelport’s baggage allowance solution is compliant with industry regulations, respecting IATA Resolution 302/DoT Reservation and use of the ATPCO baggage allowance database effective for all Travelport GDSs.

There are NO new entries for Travelport GDS subscribers. A new screen layout will be introduced for baggage allowance data within the pricing/fare quote for all Travelport GDSs (Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan).

Travelport will continue to use the internal baggage allowance database tables until the release of the baggage allowance enhancements effective 24 June 2011 for Apollo and Galileo and Worldspan at a later date. Travelport will retire the internal database tables with the successful production release(s) targeted for 24 Jun 2011 for Apollo and Galileo. Worldspan will follow effective 02 Nov 2011. Carriers have been instructed by IATA and ATPCO to file their baggage allowance information with ATPCO. Lastly, the IATA Automated Baggage Rules (ABR) industry agreement states if no baggage allowance data is found in the ATPCO baggage data, the baggage allowance will be represented as blank on the ticket.

With this implementation, Travelport will no longer manually maintain Baggage data, and all Baggage data (for non-historical transactions) will be processed from the ATPCO Baggage product. Carriers must file with ATPCO.

Reminder: Travelport Fare Guarantee policy for all Travelport GDS cores (Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan) currently states: Non fare related issues, such as Baggage Allowance Discrepancies, are not considered eligible for Airline Debit Memo (ADM) submission or consideration.

Customer Benefit

  • No new GDS entries
  • Compliance with industry mandate IATA Resolution 302/DoT Reservation
  • Retirement of internal, manually managed database tables
  • New screen alert messages, eliminate abbreviations (e.g. CHK)
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